Gaia Sophia Healing



There are two forces of the Universe: contrary and congruent.

They are better known in the New Age vocabulary as light and dark. Thanks to the Chinese, we know it as Yin and Yang.

Humanity tends to prefer the energy of the light. It is a compliment in healing circles to reference oneself as a lightworker. I am here to burst your bubble and bring balance to this polarizing point of view.

I am here to teach you about the dark, about the contrary medicine, and how it serves that same master as your “light” but with different methods.
The integration of the two is how you wake up and be a whole human being; this is our destiny on earth. This is what the medicine people of the earth have mastered; this integration is why you revere and potentially fear these people and their healing capacity.

The contrary force of nature will make your life miserable; drive you into chaos, destruction, sickness, and death. It still loves you just like the light but it has its own method. It will mirror to you that which you have suppressed for decades, you may have even forgotten. It is the pain that your inner child still carries and pretends it can cover it up.

The dark won’t let you hide it.

That is its magic. It will make your whole life organize around the dysfunction and pain until you meet it head-on. The only way out of it is through it. You must energetically re-enter the very place within you that you vowed to never return to; the very place that is so vulnerable and wounded that you are sure no one would or could ever love you there.
This is the way my love, back to having no enemies in any world. This is the way of the contrary ones. They are powerful like poison but they know how to heal just like the light does.

If you are having experiences with spiders, foxes, owls, wolves, or coyotes right now then the dark is communicating with you. It is calling forth that which you don’t want anyone to see.  The spider has spent the last year teaching me the medicine of the contrary that I have sat in unconsciously for decades; my initiation into understanding.

In your lifetime, both will have their way with you, one will not let go until you get it and it will follow you through each lifetime until you do.

I have seen people be HUMBLED by this medicine and I have seen the ego grip on so tight that their life has shattered into a million fractured pieces; still unwilling to ruthlessly examine oneself.

Go to where the pain is, don’t avoid it.

Let’s look at how these Spirit forces are expressed in the concrete earth realm; as above so below.

If you have suppressed a memory that produced the belief that you cannot trust men in your life, low and behold you attract men who are untrustworthy. This is not to punish you but for you to have an opportunity to work on it, to see it. It needs to play out.

Let’s look at medicine. We have homeopathic and allopathic. The word “allopathic” comes from the Greek allos” — meaning “opposite” — and “pathos” — meaning “to suffer.” “Homeo” means “similar to” or “like.” This type of healthcare is often considered to be the opposite of allopathic medicine.

We see the theme that “like” heals “like”. They attract each other for healing. If you do not know homeopathic medicine, I can lead you in the right direction, this medicine is the most powerful medicine on the planet and is only the essence captured in a sugar pill.

Is your life in chaos?

Thank the chaos. Look back to a time in your youth when you felt unloved, unseen, unheld, or unwitnessed. Do not look with the eyes of your empowered, clever adult self, but look with the heart of that child. Hold space for her/him and let them speak. They have emotions that do not need any justification or rationale or forgiveness. These emotions are raw energy trapped in the body, looking for a way out. That is all.

If contrary medicine is having it’s way with your right now, reach out. We can work together in person or distantly.

We can dive into the belief that your inner child accepted, the one that was not true and is creating chaos in your life. We can iron that out together and create a new pathway forward; engaging the inner creator to create something different. We will retrieve this fragmented soul and re-align you back to your Divine Essence.

Remember everything is a reflection of YOU for YOU by YOU.

Distance and in-person sessions available