Gaia Sophia Healing



 Everything begins from within.  

If you know me in any sense, this is the absolute foundation for my work and the teachings that come through me.

This is not beginner stuff and I have no problem walking you here.

All that is every here is YOU.  I am an expression of you, so is your partner, sister, lover, neighbor; there is no one else here but you.

This life experience is one you created, not to entertain the drama of it but to reap the gold of the soul growth that happens when faced with experiences at calling forth your inner effort.

I have built my career on being an assistant and guide to the journey of the soul… AND I can’t do any of the work for you that is yours to do. 

The essence of my work and teaching is to take full responsibility for your life. Each trigger is not coming from outside of you but it is touching something that has attached to you.

Why did it attach?

Well, when we are born in this life, we come in as a child that is unprotected and unresourced to care for ourselves; we are incarnated as mammals after all. You are fully dependent on your parents for your protection and care.

Our experience is not in DIVINE PERFECTION as of yet; therefore we take on these distortions and give them a home within us as if they are true. This becomes our work as an adult to rectify. We are here to clean our perception of ourselves and reality; potentially reincarnating in the wheel endlessly until we tire from the drama and look at the last place, within ourselves.

The thing is, parents, cannot see your inner world; the demands of their own life and distortions keep them preoccupied with their world and not yours.

Children have nothing else to do but to pay attention to the energy that presents itself and make it mean something about themselves. What you make it mean has to do with your previous experiences, past lives, the culture, and that is the hole you fall back into.

Every life you have ever lived on any planet and dimension exists within you now. Certain energy sticks to us and we call it back to learn about it, learn how to let go; to move through the Universe unsticky you could say.

It ALL feels real.

I get that. Personally, viscerally. I have lived here and suffered here.

The deeper truth is you are an infinite, eternal being and nothing can truly hurt you. When you align to this energy then you are in your empowered creative center. When you are off, by however much, then it needs correction.

Everything out of alignment must come back in, that is the ascension path. However, we have this perplexing thing that we can’t remember our previous experiences making it necessary to be present to watch each step….hello meditation.

We must be willing to question our beliefs and if we are up against any trigger that is our opportunity to dig deeper.

The thing is nothing is fixed. 

It is just about asking yourself the right questions and following the trail of crumbs back to an experience that you had when you were usually under 7; the root. I call this recapitulation. You go back and create a new memory. Live the old one, let it flush through, and give yourself a new ending.

Feel it though. From the first memory, you step into the mind of your child, unresourced and hurt. You bring your wise higher self into the moment and you let your child speak in the first person. Vent it out. Be real. Hold space for her. Have her be honest and ask about her needs. The more you can live into this the better. Then let the “other” involved respond, not in what was done but in what would be the best for you.

Our trauma happens in the presence of others and our healing happens there too. Play it out. Let them apologize, let them hold you; change their look, clothes, and expression. There is no limit here. Make it work for your inner child.

The thing is, you are a creator and you believed something about yourself that was untrue in the face of another. This can be remedied, first in the imagination then you better be ready for it to play out in this reality. It works that way. Play it out in the ether, then on the earth. It has to come through the body and have all the elemental feelings of risk.


You are creating a new memory; new neuropathways are created. You changed the hologram at the center and that will spiral into the rest, just as the distortion did, it works both ways.

Your life is the ceremony, it is always revealing, don’t wait for the next one to come around, take the reigns now. Your inner child has the tools of your higher self at its disposal now and you are the bridge.

Are you ready for a hand to dive back into the subconscious, into the hidden layers of the inner child’s untruth it took in? Ready for a recapitulation? I would love to walk there with you, in safety, and in trust. You deserve to live on this earth free from burdens, free to be you, free to love and be loved.