Gaia Sophia Healing


As human beings, we are dynamic creatures that are always in motion. We are a kaleidoscope of energy. What will serve you today on your healing journey may not serve you tomorrow; making each of us a unique expression of this sacred energy with no ONE person replicating another’s energetic signature. This is by design and it makes you sacred. It makes you inherently worthy. I hope by claiming this it ignites your curiosity about the majestic energy that you are.

We express health when this sacred energy moves through us unobstructed, in connection with our environment. In Lakota, they call this sacred energy in motion, Taku Wakan Skanskan. Now more than ever, we are being called home, within ourselves, there we have the agency to co-create with our environment in a life-affirming way, in an honest way, spirit to spirit.

MASSAGE is a hands-on experience. It bypasses the ego, and the thinking mind, and drops you into the wisdom of the body, without a story. During a massage, we do not need to talk, your body can do all the talking. The breath and the way the body allows itself to be moved tell the story. You do not need to say a word. The body tells of its fears, its need for safety and it’s desire to be met right where it is at

I attune my breath to you, I attune my thoughts and emotions to you. I let the field of our two energies merge as one and I call upon the resourced freedom of creation to move through us, like water, allowing what is held to come up and move, back to Taku Wankan Skanskan.

I attune my breath to you, I attune my thoughts and emotions to you. I let the field of our two energies merge as one and I call upon the resourced freedom of creation to move through us, like water, allowing what is held to come up and move, back to Taku Wankan Skanskan.

It is a lot of energy for your body to hold the patterns of self-protection. To hold the unprocessed memory, your body cuts off from your emotions and mind, storing the memory in its tissues. Sometimes I tell your muscles stories, like what you would read in a children’s book, this is disarming to the consciousness of your body. The muscles begin to trust, relax, and ultimately let go. The wisdom of the body wants to let go, it wants to do so in safety. Given the right conditions, it will take the opportunity. It wants to return to ease and grace.

You may release through tears, shaking, twitches, thoughts, and emotions that feel isolated from the loving moment. All are welcome in this space. The massage begins to peel back the layers we have created to keep ourselves safe, it also helps to integrate intense experiences that may have momentarily dysregulated us. The body is our home and we must feel good there to inhabit it.

One of my favorite muscles in the body is the psoas. Releasing this muscle can connect your upper body with your lower body, your star nature with your earth nature, it can ground anxiety, and relax the hyper-vigilant ego mind.

In my 20s I had my psoas released for the first time in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was the first time in my life I felt grounded, relaxed, and ok. A whole new world became available that was NOT rooted in stress.

Massage cannot be separated from energy work, themes come in, energy is observed and met, however, there is a different flare to having an ENERGY WORK SESSION.

Energy work is a blanket statement to encompass endless areas of possibility. The benefit of exploring energy work is that the sky is the limit. Soul retrievals, ancestral lineage clean up, belief systems, trapped emotions, repeating patterns; with energy work, we can consciously dive deep. Muscle testing is a fantastic method to check the work that has been done and what thread still needs to be followed. The session begins with you sharing your story. The truth emerges behind the stories and this is our access point inwards.

With energy work, we follow the thread that will lead us to the root. The depths of where we go is up to you, the more you surrender and allow, the more that will rise to the surface. I encourage you to step into your child-like mind and be imaginative, play, and relive tucked-away experiences; the joy with energy work is that it is only our limited belief programs that stand in our way. Those limited beliefs have roots and both can be efficiently addressed with energy work.

I must also say, I can only take you to where I have successfully navigated myself. I would be so bold to say that is true for any energy worker so choose wisely.

For me, I consider myself a hunter, that specializes in hunting lost soul parts in this dimension, so that you can access the unlimited potential of your self. It is my lifelong work and curiosity. I do my work.

Even if we hit the nail on the head with energy work, it still acts as butane fuel to interrupt the pattern. It is possible for patterns to be reestablished without our conscious effort. The guides I work with are clear that too much too quickly can be counter-productive, so we move what can be integrated by your conscious self. We work together as a team; you, your guides, my guides, and myself. I will say magic happens, deep things will be reclaimed if you are primed and ready. When you are ready, you are gifted with immaculate healing and life forever changes. It is when we are ready though, until then, we are in the layers.

The power is always in your hands, not in the hands of the energy healer. The healer acts as a bridge between your higher self and your human self, once that bridge has been crossed enough times, it is your new default pattern.

You are the DIVINE CREATOR learning how to self-master and there are guides and people appointed to you to help you accomplish this.

Trust me, at one point the learning does become fun, but usually, after a lost piece of the soul is reclaimed.