Gaia Sophia Healing

You my love are DIVINE, let's clear what is in the way of the full EMBODIMENT of this TRUTH.

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“Gaia is the real deal,  she is someone who was able to go my core issues and assist me in releasing and re-patterning those patterns into new patterns which serve my truth and highest purpose at this time.

She has helped me to peel away layers of that which has been keeping me from moving deeper into my life path.

Over the course of a lifetime, It is only with Gaia that I have encountered this  ability to pierce into the truth and release that which does not serve me.

There are rippling effects in my life after her sessions and as a result I am able to move forward in my life aligned with who I truly am and the purpose that I came here for.

Her work is powerful and delivered with deep compassion and profound empathy. If you really want to create change in your life, shed patterns which do not serve you and understand issues more deeply with profound clarity, than Gaia is the light worker for you.

​Gaia is also able to read from the Akashic Records and her readings go deep shedding light on that which is essential.”

Janine, Boston, Massachusetts

Please direct any questions regarding session or anything else to this link below.