Gaia Sophia Healing

Distance Healing Sessions

All matter consists of 99.9999% empty space; sessions can be done distantly while not losing their potency.

All matter consists of 99.9999% empty space; sessions can be done distantly while not losing their potency.
​Each session is different and specifically tailored to the uniqueness of your individual experience AT THIS TIME. I tap into the living paradox that you are ALL THAT IS while experiencing an individual expression that is still unfolding. My awareness will weave the web of your true HOME in ONENESS and the individual challenges that you signed up to face. Our challenges are our gifts to humanity; changing our perspective and moving the stuck energy helps us to embody the magic of this life.

I gather information through means of:

My body works as an antenna picking up and interpreting what sits in your energy field. Then we start to move, we let the current take us and pause where we need to pause, talk where it’s appropriate to talk, and move energy when we come upon a sticking point.

I also use my own hands to muscle test whether we are on the right track if we have permission to clear, and if the work has been cleared.

Sessions will facilitate connection to the true healer, SOURCE. Source lives within you as well, another paradox. The moment the session is booked, the work starts to happen, and it continues to work long after we part ways.

I merely act as a bridge between your TRUE SELF and your human self. They are meant to be only ONE.
During distance sessions, a safe and intentional container is created. We breathe together, call in a sacred womb bubble to rest inside of, and call the 6 directions to hold us safely. We always go out the way we come in.

Connection to SOURCE is your full power place and your birthright. If this CONNECTION is not conscious then I track the clouds that are blocking out the Sun so to speak. These clouds sit as a frequency in your energy field and contain information in them, all clouds distort our connection to Source if they are held as truth by the individual. 

Potential distortions arise from but are not limited to:

This information is in service of your wholeness and offers a greater insight into your experience on this earth with tools to navigate your world with success. We are eternal beings that have layers of reality woven into our experience, there never is an end but there is the freedom to experience life from a new frequency that feels empowered, joyful, and connected.

My plan is not to make you dependent but to truly help you stabilize your sovereignty and freedom in your body in relation to the world.