Gaia Sophia Healing

Home/Land Clearings

Home clearings: This is most useful when you or your children are having unsettled sleeps at night, increased anxiety, depression or fear. These are all tell tale signs that there is an incongruent energy in your space that is disrupting the flow.

These can and have been done distantly if need be but they are also done in person. I will bring my tools to your space and clear each room and rely any messages that may come through during the clearing.

Home clearings leave your space feeling uplifted, clean and with a sense of your own claiming to the space.

Land clearings: These are most useful when you are about to build a new home or project. There are spirits of the land that demand to be honoured and it is our duty to take them into account. Depending on their history they can cause many problems for the home owner and they may need a helping hand themselves. 

“Gaia is such a gift, a beacon of light and a warm spirit. She helped clear our house after a recent move as the children were unsettled in their spaces (nightmares, waking, etc). The process of claiming our space and filling the corners with our energy was so uplifting. I’m feeling more comfortable now and we haven’t had any scary nightmares since. The evening of the clearing we had a lovely owl join us on the deck which was such an amazing experience, and one I attribute to the experience. Blessings!” ~TS, Squamish.