Gaia Sophia Healing

My purest heartfelt DESIRE is to witness you ​RE-MEMBER who you are.

Who Am I?

On the physical plane, I am a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a teacher, a writer, a healer, a seeker, a ceremonialist, and an empath. I am like you. I am a human that lives and breathes. I have emotions and challenges. I was created to have them. From the highest perspective, I created them to become who I was meant to be in this life. I created them or the Creator created them; they are the same to me. That is the paradox. I was created to research the human condition at this time so that once I walked myself through the labyrinth, I could be of assistance to guide others through the twists and turns of their evolutionary process. I suffered. A lot. It was my suffering that created the impulse toward healing. 

On another layer, I am also a star-being on a rescue mission to usher the earth and her people back towards an ascension timeline. I am here to pull the veil off the eyes of those willing to see. I am here to lead a revolution of inspiration and movement out of stagnation and into the flow of the Divine. I am here to interpret what is happening on our earth and be a guide to how we can all be emissaries of light, how we can be in communion with life itself; with our planet, Gaia. I am an alchemist in the name of love, liberation, and freedom. I am in Service. I am a living skeleton key for the opening of doorways locked dormant on our planet.

And…all of these are stories for I am ALL THAT IS, ONE, and NOTHING all the same.


My story

I was born in Duluth, Minnesota. It is known as the North Star state. My given name is Tara, which means earth and star in Sanskrit. It is also the name of the fallen earth, the one that has been swiped into an alternative timeline. The one many of us are here to uplift. My name has served as a  significant symbol in my remembering. The Divine will always speak to us in symbols through our environment, Gaia. Gaia came over a decade ago. The name Gaia is the name of the ascended earth. I embody both blueprints. I have full access you could say. To have full access one needs to integrate every pain and sorry of the human experience so that one can travel in any dimension intact; the smell of wounding attracts certain energy and many get trapped there, feeding the hungry ghosts that are meant to show you the weakness not confine you to death.

As a child. I was unique. I would play all day in an alternate reality and be completely content. There, I had friends, guides, magic and so much communion in my daily experience. I was one with Gaia, she talked to me and we were friends. To this day, she is my best friend. It is about living as an extension of our environment, as a friend to all.

When I was 8, I began questioning reality. I remember wondering why I wasn’t born into a tribal family. I remember thinking I was just going to have to ride this life out and that somehow there was a mistake that I was born into the family I came through. I dreamed of grand battles and demons that knew who I was. My family comes from healers in Indonesia. I longed for this path and didn’t think it was possible in the western world.

Being born an empath and seer does not make life easier. It makes you more mutable to thoughts, emotions, and environments you exist in. People on earth suffer. It is not an easy place to be. My parents were not enlightened and the sacred place of my heart was not guarded and protected. So I did what other humans do, I tried to fit into a system of dysfunction and distortion; none of it felt right. I knew in my heart of hearts as a human, that it is my birthright to be happy, to thrive, to be safe.

My suffering ignited my passion for healing. Happiness and freedom are our birthrights, after all, this I know deep in my cells. Thus, began my research into the condition of being alive, into the turbulent waters of emotion, the debilitating beliefs passed down through our ancestral lineages, and the limiting collective conscious and unconscious patterns. The deep dive into distortion, trusting that somewhere in there is the key that will unlock all of the sufferings forever.

In my bloodline, I come from traditional Indonesian healers (shamans) on my mother’s side. On my father’s side, I come from vigilantes, people who fought for justice. The coding for my mission is in my DNA. I have blended the two into being a clear conduit for healing and channeling while breaking myself and others free from the shackles of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual distortion.

This has not been an easy road as I have walked through each pattern personally but that is my way. I must experience something firsthand to know. This is how information is churned into embodied wisdom. This is the secret to how my voice and energy serve as a transmission device on a large scale.

In my search for wholeness, I explored many avenues. I looked to counselors, medications, drugs, therapy, healing modalities, the jungle, and healer and yet no one held real answers. No one around me was awake enough to transfer the wisdom I sought for. Their answers were about how to fit into the collective conscious structure, not how to change it, or how to be a free sovereign human being at this time on the planet. Essentially, I have become the healer that I sought in the world.

To the confusion of those guiding people in my life, my guidance came not from the physical realm but from the Spirit…..the illogical, non-linear guidance system that felt like the only real thing that could guide me in this matrix I was born into. I follow this system to this day but now we have a different relationship. We have a friendship. For that, I am eternally grateful for the helpers that have shown up along my path and guided me back to myself. Each breath I breathe now is a breath of gratitude.

In 2001 I had a spontaneous awakening that opened me to a world that was hidden behind the veil of reality. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone but it worked to shake me out of my slumber. This opening allowed for a new knowingness to take root. My DNA shifted during that time. I saw things, knew things, and experienced realities that changed my belief system forever. I was conscious of the forces working with us from the non-physical spectrum of our reality. I become aware of our star family and of the magic that is here already on this earth, waiting to be interacted with. I became aware of the pliable reality we are all engaging with and how karma, time, and illusion are all wrapped up together in a nice presence of comfort. My spiritual senses were turned on. The age-old play of ascension versus finite reality was also present. This is the ultimate condition of the human being, to choose between the two.

More than anything I want to share that EVERYTHING BEGINS FROM WITHIN, EVERYTHING is a reflection of you. That is a hard pill for some to swallow and I will walk with your hand until you are ready. There is no rush. You are safe to hold on to any belief at any time, I won’t take that away from you. It is up to you to let go.

My work is a blend of all that I have learned, all that I am, and the lineage of healers that are in my blood. Today, I stand as a skeleton key for Pachamama, I am a living key that can open dormant areas within the earth and release them because now is the time. The rescue mission is a success and we will all enjoy the fruits of this labor.


  • Associate of Liberal Arts A.S.S.
REIKI (2003-2004)
  • Level 1, 2, 3
  • Certificate in massage therapy.
  • Certificate in Somatic Polarity
  • Certificate in Waldorf-Education
  • Level 1, 2, 3
  • Certificate in 300 hour Yoga Teacher Certification
  • Assistant in medicine wheel.
  • Gabor Mate’s online course
IFS (2021)
  • Online course in Internal Family Systems
DALIA OMANA (2022-2023)
  • Mentorship and training
  • BA in Psychology


“Since my session with Gaia a week ago, I have seen a dramatic shift in my life. This shift was almost immediate, and powerful. What used to be a seemingly impossible resistance to overcome, is now replaced with energy and enthusiasm towards pursuing my dream. What used to feel like trudging through the desert, now feels like surfing a giant wave. Gaia does incredible work, and can help you change your life. Much gratitude! ♥️”