Gaia Sophia Healing


When damaged Soul-Filaments are called back, increased life force is the GIFT. Your full life force is your birthright to use by your own FREE WILL CHOICE.


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“I’ve been working with Gaia for a few months now and also saw her once last year. For me, she is the representation of femininity, grace, power and groundedness (all characteristics that are much needed here and now).  Her actions are swift, soft, commanding and comforting: all at the same time. Her intention is focused yet welcoming. She’s been open hearted to whatever I’m feeling that day and is able to meet me where I am, sort out whatever I’m going through and she’s never judgmental. She has been able to help me work through many challenges and choices in life, particularly when I didn’t want to continue on this Earth anymore. For me, her name means a woman of the Earth + Cosmic Goddess, someone whose connection to the Earth and stars goes straight to the heart of compassion in order to transmute my darkness into light, to heal, integrate and become whole again.”