Gaia Sophia Healing

After the Session integration

Each individual is a completely unique expression of the Divine Creator so the way you integrate your session is also going to be unique. There is no wrong way. It is ultimately up to you.  Spirit cannot override your free will and Spirit will not override your psyche so integration is done subtley and over time to ensure that your sytem accepts the new upgrade.

After and during a session there will be channeled and guided practices that will help you anchor the work into your tangible, present day reality. This changes during each session. Your spirit guides as well as your own soul, desire you to take an active seat in your healing so the integration phase is as important as the healing session itself. 

Expect there to be an expansion then a contraction then an expansion. The integration will look like this until your system fully accepts the retrieval of the lost soul filaments. 

Here are some strategies for success: